All construction projects have one thing in common: They require load-bearing subsoil. Which is why single drum rollers and soil compactors play a crucial part in the construction process. Specifications, however, are highly diverse. A contractor working next to a listed house has to use a compaction method which is entirely different from that used in conventional road construction. BOMAG offers a wide range of single drum rollers and soil compactors for every type of work.

Single Drum Rollers – Up to 15 tons

BW 213 BVC

16-ton standard roller produces 20% higher performance than standard rollers in 13t class.

BW 212 D40

Maximum compaction with high linear loads and amplitudes

BW 212 PD40

Designed to compact cohesive soils with clever design of the pad feet provides a powerful kneading effect

BW 211 D40

Powerful amplitudes of 2.2mm can be produced which means 25% more depth effect

BW 211 PD40

Caps are made of wear-resistant manganese steel, designed for compaction of cohesive soils

Single Drum Rollers – Up to 16 tons

BW 220 D5

Designed for medium to heavy-duty earthworks and sub-base work

Single Drum Rollers with Polygonal Drum

BW 213 BVC+P-5

Strategic compaction using directed oscillation